EBTI has been a dealer with UA Corporate Accounting Software since 1996. Our staff has designed extensive customer specific UA customizations and has supported customizations created by many other former UA Dealers and non-dealer programmers. We have successfully developed exterior resident corrective programs for UA customized code without having source code to work with. EBTI has integrated UA Accounting with secondary software applications, developed integrations with Bar Code Systems, EDI and specialized business / accounting systems.





UA Data Extraction & Migration

Are you looking for an experienced UA Accounting data migration expert? EBTI will happily provide you with all of your UA Accounting relational database tables in any format which you require. EBTI can even blend UA Accounting table data to create unique / specialized files for migration to a new accounting system or other applications.

UA Investment

Many companies find that their customization investment in UA Accounting Software is simply too significant to switch to a new accounting software, and so they have continued to use UA even though their UA version is obsolete and their Windows operating system is discontinued. Your investment in UA is still safe and you have options that will enable you to purchase new workstations without stressing over keeping UA running.


UA Corporate Accounting was designed to enable users to fully customize the software to meet their unique and specific needs and to be able to migrate UA as Windows operating systems and database version change.

Which is likely the reason that you opted to purchase UA Accounting. Rest assured that your did not make a grievous error and that your investment in UA is safe!


EBTI can take any version and any level of modified UA Accounting Software and migrate it to a current supported Microsoft Operating System and current supported database platform. NO! It will not be a new upgraded version of UA that your staff will need to learn. Our platform migration service literally takes your existing UA software and runs each and every module through a step by step source code migration, which includes updates to all of the .dll and supporting background files so that the end result is your original customized UA Accounting System running on Windows 7 or 8, with a current Access or SQL version UA database.


What does this cost? The cost frankly comes down to what version you currently own and how many source code file sets have been modified. Since EBTI and several UA Dealer partners have migrated virtually all versions of UA into Windows 7 and 8, EBTI only needs to do the more intensive work on the customized source code file sets. If a piece of source code was not modified, we are able to provide the Windows 7 or 8 version at a reasonable upgrade charge. All modified source code will need to be flowed through the step by step migration upgrade process which is done at specific set fee based upon the steps that are needed to bring the code to Windows 7 or 8.


How do we get a quote on doing this? The place to start is to call or email EBTI. We will provide you with a free phone consultation.

After we have done a preliminary assessment of your modifications and goals (during our phone conversation) we will provide you with an initial consolation quote to review and assess your UA source code and database. Once we have completed that assessment, we will provide you with a quote to migrate your modified UA software to either a Windows 7 or a Windows 8 operating system platform.

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Your Customization Investment
in UA Accounting is SafeCertified Premier Dealer With18 Years of Documented UA Experience

Phone: 845-512-8855

Email: Julian@ebti.com


Phone: 845-512-8855 Email: Julian@ebti.com


EBTI is among a very select few of Premier UA Dealers to serve on the Advisory Board to the Board of Directors of UA Accounting Software (Advanced Software Development). This designation is a clear indication of the expertise and professionalism of EBTI and the companys founder and president Jay Papp.





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